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  1. Trying to get my head round all this as I was heavily involved in organisations and groups to the point where I thought it was normal. I’d come across too often those buzz words such as ‘sustainability’, ‘outreach’ (means having events in different geographical locations but used to make the participants feel they are isolated) and ‘change’ or ‘transition’ (to what). One buzz word I particularly hated was ‘mapping’ being used to research and make lists and not what we think of as mapping which is getting a map and sticking pins in it to show where things are. ‘Isolation’ is another word levied at targeted groups who are also labelled as ‘vulnerable’. How can I be ‘isolated’ if I have a car, bicycle or bus pass and therefore can freely move around the city where I live? All those terms are being used to make grown and previously independent people feel inadequate and incapable.

    Then there’s community or charity work. Even when you live alone you need to put your home and your health first and not lose sight of friends and family either. I was involved in a project to encourage people to volunteer even if they were sick or disabled, with family commitments or working full time. I was worried there were sinister ulterior motives behind this research I was involved in and hoped it wouldn’t be used to make volunteering mandatory which is a misnomer. Unfortunately there are moves towards this and Niki Raapana in Alaska has reported on this.

    • Thanks for those additional buzzwords, Teresa. I know this article is work in progress and the information I have given above is based only upon my own experiences and observations!
      Yes I have too been involved in CP training as I recognise it now, but thankfully I didn’t get too involved in the courses as I found them boring and can’t really remember much of them so hopefully most of it didn;t have an effect.
      I have also been victim of the Alinsky technique on at least 2 occasions, both with my natural health business and health freedom work being a target. The power we have is recognising this now and nipping it in the bud if it happens again! I believe this is the only way that we can protect ourselves from these techniques.

  2. Another buzz word is ‘toolkit’ which gives the impression that spanners and screwdrivers are provided but is used metaphorically. ‘Action packs’ are no more than pieces of paper’ but the person applying for one thinks they are going to get something magical to enable them to get involved in the project or organise an event themselves.

    All these words and phrases confuse people and lead people astray in their thinking. In the US corporate world buzzwords are used to soften people’s responses so that they think they are being downshifted when in fact they are being made redundant. Agenda 21 comes under various disguises such as ‘One Planet’, ‘Forum for the Future’ (I saw the four scenarios in animated form which are aimed at teenagers) and ‘Future Earth’ as more people are waking up to what Agenda 21 is about or if not can check it out on the internet to find out what it’s all about and therefore access videos made by dissenters such as Rosa Koire.

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