April Meet-up with Viewing of The True History of Marijuana!

at Taffs Well Village Hall, 6.30pm- 9.30pm

Welcome: Lloyd welcomed everyone and briefly explained about the group to newcomers. It was lovely meeting some lovely new people and also catching up with old ones (not necessarily in age!). We began the documentary without delay as it was almost 1 hour 20 minutes long.

Open Discussion: After replenishing refreshments, we sat down for a discussion on the film. Everyone found the film very informative and interesting. There were some small discussions on US state/federal law, and the concerns of legalisation such as pharmaceutical takeover or the possibility of it following the same path as tobacco, having so many chemicals added that it became bad for our health. But it was agreed that making it legal would allow people to grow it for themselves. There was also the point raised about the risk of psychosis with regular use but this was explained that a lot of the marijuana found on the street was hybridised/crossed to increased THC which would in turn decrease CBD, and as we learned from the film, CBD has the plant’s own antipsychotic properties. Therefore if this was reduced it could have psychotic effects. There were also questions of supply of a quality oil but no-one knew of any trusted source. So it was agreed that the best way to obtain the oil was to grow and make it yourself, obtaining seeds from an original strain.
Lloyd agreed to copy the documentary onto DVDs for next time.

    Future Planning:

The next 2 meetings:

8th May – Talk & presentation by Danielle on her Breast Cancer Journey – and how she treated it naturally to reverse her diagnosis in only 3 months

* May’s meeting is postponed a week as May 1st is a bank holiday.

5th June – it was decided to postpone the decision for June’s meeting until next time as a few were missing, but a film showing of VaXXed or a tutorial/workshop in Indian Head Massage by Dani & Lloyd’s daughter Beth seemed favourites.

Another option was a workshop or talk on making orgonite and Lloyd gave a brief (well brief for Lloyd!!) description of what orgonite is. It was decided to do this later in the year and probably to show the documentary”What in the world are they spraying?” at the meeting before it.

    Events coming up:

Richard D Hall, 13th April at 7.30pm Merthyr Tydfil Rugby Club. Tickets cost £12.
3 seats still available in Lloyd & Danielle’s minibus going from Taffs Well Village Hall at 6.30pm, £3 to cover diesel.

Thermography Information evening – 24th April venue at present is The Old Mill Holistic Cancer Support Centre in Swansea, but probably will be at their local village hall due to having more interest than we anticipated.
Find out about Thermography, inflammation in the body and hear from people who have been helped by thermography.

    Possible Future events for the group to organise:

Another Cancer day event like last year’s – late summer/autumn at Taffs Well / Caerphilly


Lloyd mentioned that the website is open to any member to submit articles, and that if anyone wanted to receive reminders of meetings and events, or updates to the website without being on Facebook, they just need to register on here so we have their email for a mailing list.

We ended the evening by chanting 3 OMS as we didn’t have time for the meditation.

It was a lovely evening and everyone agreed it was very interesting and informative!

Come along to meet with like-minded people and chat openly in a safe and non-judgmental environment. At our second meet-up this year, we are offering a showing of the full length documentary “The True History of Marijuana”. Learn how and why this medicinal and very useful plant was demonised, and the corporate insanity that has ensued in this world since its prohibition. Learn about how versatile hemp is and how it can be used, both in various industries, medicine and for fuel. The truth will amaze you!

We will follow with open discussion on the film, and whatever else comes up and social chat with refreshments. Popcorn welcomed!

This will be followed with planning future events and meetings.

Then we will finish with a guided meditation.

Suggested donation: £5 – this is used for room hire, refreshments, website running costs, leaflet printing, future events, etc

You can bring your own refreshments if you wish but basic refreshments are available. Also welcome to bring healthy snacks or nibbles to share, or just for yourself!