At each meeting we ask for donations. We just wanted to explain where this money goes!

The suggested donation for the meetings are £5, but we are happy to accept whatever is affordable.  The money is used as follows:

  • Hall Hire – this is charged at £8 per hour, and meetings often last for 3hrs+
  • Refreshments – every meeting we supply a range of organic/quality refreshments including tea. coffee, a range of herbal teas, organic milk, xylitol sweetener and sometimes some homemade healthy snacks.
  • Printing – this is printing of leaflets for events we run, flyers for the group, and printouts of information that support workshops run at the meetings.
  • Website hosting & domain name registration – we pay an annual fee for hosting this website, and renew the domain every 2 years
  • If there is anything left in the tin, we put this towards larger events we may run (such as the Cancer event in 2016)