We are a group of like minded people from various different backgrounds who are awake and open minded to what is really going on in our world. We each have our own areas of research and expertise to bring to the group and to share with others.

The paths that each of us have taken, which we are all still walking, have brought us together as a group of collective individuals, each maintaining their own beliefs, values and priorities whilst being open to, learning from and respecting others. We feel this is very important, as preaching and having a group belief is not only controlling but hinders our openness to learning.  Our paths all lead to the same goals and those are happiness, truth, freedom, love, compassion and wisdom.  We are all passionate about spreading information and solutions to all who will listen!

Our campaigns are generally silent ones, in that they are based upon actions which we can take as individuals and not just as a group. This includes downloadable letter templates, declarations, flyers, etc which will have a much bigger impact when a lot of these are sent individually rather than one single petition, protest, etc.

We meet regularly to organise events, campaigns, share solutions and information, and most importantly to socialise with people to whom we can speak openly to without judgement or ridicule and who truly understand each other! We feel this is so important as our path to truth can be extremely isolating, with even close friends and family unable or unwilling to listen.

All are welcome to our meetings and further information can be found under the events tab.


We began as a group on Facebook purely for arranging get-togethers but we felt that it was important to bring our information to a static website which we can retain our own control over and direct people to for information. While Facebook is currently a very good tool for sharing information, it is unstable for the truth movement due to censorship, security and privacy issues as others in this field have experienced. Our Facebook group is still running and active and can be found by searching for “South Wales Awakening”.

This website is run, maintained and hosted by our members on a voluntary basis.


If you would like to contact us for more information please email: contact@southwalesawakening.org



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  1. I hope this go’s well for you, with facebook being very selective about what gets into newsfeed, we need to share information ! love + peace

  2. Hi I was at the swansea talk with Ian r crane last night and its good to know that so many people are awakening to reality and are no longer gullible enough to believe the illusion. Its not an easy road but there are more and more people willing to learn, I’ve converted loads so to speak, I don’t know where this path will lead us but I know its my destiny to be a part of it have done since I was very young, I would find myself keeping all sorts of things and thinking that will come in handy if we had to survive in the wild . Large scale civil unrest is coming I believe its part of the plan to have us all kill each other, to save them the trouble. And the only way to beat it is to unite race , religion , country and put them behind being firstly a human being. Change happens slowly tho and our freedoms are taken so slowly that we allow it

    • Yes, at the moment I have a rather unhealthy obsession with collecting candles 🙂 well, you never know!
      The world is certainly awakening at an alarming rate, much faster than they can cope with I think, and that is why they are panicking and throwing everything at us quickly. There is definitely a shift in the air, and although it is a bit scary I feel privaleged to be here at this time and know we all have an important role to play in our own way.

  3. Hi, do you have any meeting organised in Swansea by any chance? If not,I’ll try to make it to Cardiff. Interested in pretty much everything mentioned on this site, but particularly keen to stop the fracking madness.

    • Hi Frankie, we haven’t organized anything in Swansea yet. We have some contacts in the Swansea area but to get things going perhaps someone needs to suggest a venue (preferably free and with reasonable access) as a starting point then we can suggest some possible dates and go from there. I hope you know there are already some groups in swansea, fracked swansea seem to be active and they advertised Ian Cranes talk so they are worth seeking out.

  4. Hi all, im a newbee, but looking through the site and its a great start for the welsh, sometimes the welsh can be a bit slow on the uptake, (perhaps i should speak for myself) but never the less its reassuring.

    looking forward to future events and so on, and contributing in anyway i/we can.


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