Saturday 2nd July 2016 at 2pm – Taffs Well Village Hall, Cardiff Road, Taffs Well

This afternoon event includes a viewing of highlights from the documentary series “The Truth About Cancer” recently shown on Youtube. The aim is to let people know there are choices to conventional treatments which are more effective, to remove the fear given by the propaganda in the mainstream media and to inform them of ways in which they can prevent it in the first ways by detailing the most common causes.
It is a free event, the cost being covered by regular members who attend the meetings in the first instance. We will be giving out free information and DVDs and selling refreshments to recoup some of the costs in putting this event on. Click on the ling below to see the flyer.

The event was extremely well received, everyone commented on the quality of information in the video presentation and the workshops/tutorials were educational and lots of fun!

The video presentation (excerpts from The ‘Docu-Series’ The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest) was full packed full of information about the history of the Cancer industry and treatment methods, common causes that we can eliminate from our lives, natural remedies and herbs etc. that can help our immune systems, many of which are complimentary to conventional treatments and are proven to increase its effectiveness! Several people commented that having seen the excerpts they are now plan to view the full series!

Following the video, we had a local therapist demonstrate Kinesiology muscle testing. A few members of the audience volunteered to be tested and possible issues were identified that may have been affecting their overall health by a simple testing technique that they could use themselves with friends and family to help identify foods and supplements etc. that would be beneficial or detrimental to their health.

Then and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) demonstration was performed, again the technique was tried by the audience and everyone perceived a change in their breathing after some simple tapping of acupuncture/meridian points. This technique can be adapted to help with a variety of emotional issues and this brief demo was simply to introduce this concept. Details of free tutorials were also offered so that everyone could go and learn this empowering technique for themselves for free!

A Laughter Yoga taster session was the perfect conclusion to the afternoon, again everyone joined in the fun (you couldn’t resist laughing if you tried).

Many of the audience stayed on for a while afterwards for a friendly chat and offered some valuable feedback. Everyone took information away with them and most were keen to see the documentary in full. Several people even offered to be involved in helping with future events!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this event.

Please see future events section for more info!!

Being the first event of this type we have organized, we booked a hall so we could accommodate plenty of people. This then required a projector and a P.A system to ensure that a large audience would not miss anything. However, if the focus is mainly on the video showing such an event would work well in a pub or club with a large screen which would also make setting up a lot easier!