We held an event in Taffs well on 2nd July 2016 to help empower people with knowledge about cancer alternatives, see the above poster. The event was extremely well received and provided us with excellent experience of holding a awareness events again in the future, which we hope to do.

Now the resources and materials have been created, they can easily be re-used at other events and shared with others.

At time of writing, the main topic of discussion everywhere at the moment is focused upon President Trump and Brexit! While the frenzy is being stirred up by the mainstream, the biggest of all injustices of all are continue to be perpetuated on us. They are the fear mongering and erosion of our freedoms. Now is the time for us to raise ourselves above the quarrel, focus on our health and self-empowerment and remove the fear regardless of what the politicians or bureaucrats are doing.

It is the best feeling when you help someone to empower themselves with positive knowledge you know will help them to make informed decisions to maintain their health.

So why not organize an awareness event somewhere near you? We can help support you with resources and advice (and even come along to help you present the information if this is not your strong point.)