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Join us by coming along to our meetings, subscribing to this website, sending us articles to post (will be moderated), distribute leaflets, host events in your area, etc!

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We are not accepting monetary donations, but if there is an event planned for which we need an initial outlay, this cost may be mutually agreed to be shared amongst members until it can be retrieved by donations or ticket sales to events. We are and always will remain non-profiting.

Everything on this website is done on an entirely independent and voluntary basis with costs covered by members. Here are some ways in which you can help:

> send us stamps for sending leaflets out etc
> offering to arrange printing of flyers, banners, promotional items such as fridge magnets, pens, T-shirts etc
> help with publicity – do you know anyone in the limelight or on radio, etc?
> help with advertising, listing our events in events websites, putting links on websites for us
> venue hire – anywhere we can use for free/cheap to host events
> ideas and inspiration!

Please email us at if you can offer any help at all!


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    • Hi, Lloyd and I won’t be going, it is too far away for us – we attended a ‘freeman’ talk with Guy Taylor and Peter Croll at Aberavon not long ago, and there is a group who meets regularly at the Aberavon Naval Club every fortnight.

  1. Just discovered a lot of truth that the media will not discuss.
    The truth is being spun away or hidden with disinformation.
    It is truly shocking.
    We need to grow the truth and disseminate it so the population, is aware of the manipulation taking place.
    Normally this is standard fare for politics. But the hidden truth is hugely worrying. Look for it in the ‘conspiracy’ areas but it will require a lot of filtering and hard work. But in my opinion, you won’t believe the truth until you prove it to yourself!

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