July Meet-up with Orgonite-making Workshop (at Taffs Well Village Hall)

A great deal of fun was had by all, everyone made their own pieces of orgonite plus there were some ingenious creations being made. As the resin takes a couple of days to completely dry, everyone had to take them home in the containers and remove them from their moulds in their own time.

Here are some of the pieces we have opened so far!

3 examples of ‘coaster’ type orgonite pieces

A selection of smaller pendant type orgonite pieces

A lot was learned from the evening, some of the above pieces have many imperfections due to rushing, we may look at improving some of these at a later date.

We hope to do another orgonite workshop later in the year, possibly at an outdoor location as the fumes got a bit overwhelming at times even with the double doors wide open!