This was a very interesting and thought-provoking evening. We began by watching a film documentary entitled ‘Mobilize’ which showed evidence on the negative effects of using mobile phones, mostly focusing on the radiation effects and how it greatly increases cancer risk, especially brain tumours.

We followed the film showing by experimenting with different methods and devices that are believed to protect us from the harmful effects of radiation. We used kinesiology muscle-testing as a means of testing the impact of the phones and what we could use alongside the phone to lessen the impact. 

This was not a scientific test and what we found is that not everything worked for everyone, which makes sense as we are all individual! We tested on ‘Om’ stickers, orgonite (hand made at a previous workshop), shungite crystal, 995 (a protective number) and a pendant one of the members wears called a Q-link.

The muscle testing is measured as follows:

weak (meaning what we are holding is weakening the body, or having a negative impact)
medium (meaning it is weakening a little but there is some strength still present)
strong (meaning there is no weakness)

There were 7 of us at the workshop. We all tested with the same phone switched on but not ‘broadcasting’. Here are the results!

 Mobile Phone only:

weak – all 7 of us!

Mobile with 995 (written on paper):

medium – all 7 of us!

Mobile with 995 plus Om sticker:

medium – 1
strong – 6

Mobile with orgonite:

medium – 2
strong – 5

Mobile adding organite, and Om sticker too: 

medium – 1
strong – 6

Mobile with Q-link:

weak – 1 person actually went weaker!
medium – 1
strong – 5

Mobile with Shungite crystal:

strong – all 7 of us

Mobile with Om sticker:

weak – 1
medium – 6

Mobile with 2 x Om stickers:

medium – 1 
strong – 6

As you can see by the results, and though not necessarily conclusive, these object do appear to have some benefit to protecting our bodies to the negative impact of using a mobile phone!

It was pointed out that the energy/signal would still show on an EMF meter, as we have previously demonstrated this outside of the meeting but had no meter at the meeting this time. We would not want to block any of this as we would not get a signal on the phone! However, that is not to say the negative is not being transmuted to positive.