Please read the article entitiled “The Innocent Poisoning of our Children” for more information on this subject.

We feel it is imperative that products containing artificial sweeteners and especially Aspartame are not given to our children by establishments such as schools, nurseries, and playgroups where the parents have no control over what is given to their children during the times when they are in their care.

To join our campaign, all you need to do is download the letters and supporting information at the bottom of this page and send them to your local schools, education authorities and anywhere else you would like to send them. The more people who do this, the more successful this campaign will be in alerting everyone to this danger.

Our Campaign can make a difference, big or small. The way this campaign is run will hopefully encourage everyone to take back their own power by educating themselves and giving them back their freedom of choice. We feel this may be a more effective approach than fighting for a ban, which would just end up being paid off or infiltrated in some way. There is so much more that is compromising our health; but if we can at least have food that is not laced with poison, we may well be able to build up our immunities to withstand some of the other toxic insults to our bodies that we are subjected to that are quite often beyond our control.


Parent’s Covering Letter
The following is a pdf download of a letter with suggested wording on for you to send to your childcare provider. You will need to alter the wording as you see fit to be relevant to your childcare establishment.

SOS parents letter

Nutritional Therapist’s Letter and Information
This is a letter from myself (nutritional therapist, homeopath and author) to whom it may concern for you to send along with your letter. It refers to 2 articles regarding the dangers of sweeteners which will need to be downloaded at the following link below.

Nutritional Therapist Letter

Supporting Information
Click this link to download the 2 articles on the dangers of sweeteners which will act as supporting information for your letters. You may also print these out to give out to other parents if you wish, or alternatively you can print out the leaflets on the Additives Awareness Campaign page.

SOS Supporting Information

Thank you for taking part in this campaign. The children are our future and we must do everything in our power to protect them!


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