As a mother of three children, I know how difficult it is to find products that do not contain anything harmful. My shopping trips that were once an hour long became a few hours at one point as I was reading each label! This exercise really makes you realize just how many of our regular foods contain harmful ingredients. But you soon get to know which brands to completely avoid, which in turn reduces your food choices to just a few products – then at least there is less time taken in reading the labels. Finally you can go shopping with confidence as you now have your list of trusted brands – but then one day I am handing a bottle of Fruit Shoot to my daughter and saw they have started putting Aspartame in it!! This is how I learned how important it is to keep checking those labels regularly!

I will be launching a campaign to raise awareness about the many dangers in consuming harmful additives, especially artificial sweeteners.

We need to try to get the message across to consumers to “Read the Labels” so everyone knows and cares about exactly what they are feeding themselves and their children.

Plans are:

1. distributing flyers and posters, a downloadable version is below, or you may request some by contacting us (we need a donation of stamps to send them to you!). It is my personal action plan to always carry flyers with me and give them to any parent (or person) I see feeding themselves or their children with an artificially sweetened drink or food. I hope that many parents and other concerned adults across the UK will join me in spreading the word.

2. An information campaign/march to be held in Cardiff City Centre (to be confirmed) which will also encompass the SOS campaign.

For more information, or if you can offer donations of printing/distribution/marketing/publicity etc please contact us!


To alert people of the dangers of Aspartame and encourage them to read the labels of the foods and drinks they buy, please download and print this poster (can also be printed 2 per page for an A5 flyer) to hand out or display as required.

sweeteners poster


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