June Meet-up – Open Mic Night

5th June 2017 at Taffs Well Village Hall, 6.30pm- 9.30pm

We had an amazing, informative meeting and were very pleased to welcome some new people to the group!

Bosnian Pyramid Experience!
First we had a fascinating account of Jean’s visit and experiences in the Bosnian pyramids. She told us all about them, and her unique and spiritual experiences of the powerful energies in the tunnels and chambers that have been uncovered. We saw her photos of her trip and she showed us some stones she had from the site. This was followed by a discussion on the reasons for the pyramids of the earth, revealing some locations that are lesser known including a pyramid buried beneath a housing estate near Pontypool. We also discussed other phenomenon such as unusual encounters and mounds across South Wales that map out all the major starts of the Northern hemisphere!

Orgone Energy
After a break, Lloyd shared some information on orgonite, orgone energy and orgone devices. He showed some samples of professionally made orgonite, and some homemade orgone pendants and devices he and Danielle had previously made. This followed into a discussion about chemtrails and how other devices such as crystals can help us too. We discussed holding an orgonite making workshop at a future meeting, either by Danielle & Lloyd or a more experienced person so we are currently looking into this possibility.

After another break, Marcus shared with us a First aid technique known as Dynamind, which has roots in Hawaiian and other practices. It is a short but effective routine that addresses acute pain or suffering. He showed a demonstration on Tracey who has been recently experiencing a bad back and we all tried it out for ourselves too. He added another technique which helped the issue on a subconscious level. Tracey found some relief for her back pain and most of us felt some benefit. Click here to read the article Marcus has contributed about some of the techniques demonstrated.

Danielle lead some drumming and chanting, which delighted our youngest and very tired attendee! Judith, quite fortuitously, had her drum in her car too. We sang the Buddhist blessing chant Om Mani Pedme Hung which roughly translated is ‘Hail to the Jewel in the lotus’. It is also known as the 6 true words representing the realms of existence, the blessing commonly found on Tibetan items and most certainly in Buddhist dwellings and temples. It really lifted the energy and created a beautiful connected atmosphere.

Future Planning
We discussed ideas for future meetings such as more drumming and chanting, orgone workshop, film showings of what or why in the world are they spraying. We have already planned a thermography information evening for August and hope that July or September will be an orgonite workshop.

Lawrence gave us a great explanation of the legalese language used in our court systems and how common law rights have been manipulated by use of the strawman fallacy and the manipulation of the meanings of words. This was quite an unprecedented surprise as we had pretty much tied up the evening! There is a lot more information in our resources section in the free ebook download “Freedom is more than a 7-letter word”.

The meeting ended quite late – and we could have gone on talking for ages more! So much quality information and lovely company.