I know I, for one, have been bullied (or attempted to be bullied) into vaccinations for both myself and my children. Thankfully I did not give in. But it can be so intimidating and condescending when you are labelled as a bad parent, or completely irresponsible by posing a risk to others, those and more old chestnuts!

So there are 2 effective ways that you can tackle this. I have had success with the first and would actually have some fun with the second if I were still to attend my doctors surgery.

Refusal on Religious Grounds
I attended hospital a couple of years ago and was being asked all sorts of questions, one being if I had a smear recently. I said no I don’t have them. The look of horro on the nurse’s face was a picture, I thought she was going to have a coronary, but she managed to croak out a weak ‘why?’ as she picked herself up off the floor. I said ‘it’s against my religion’. It was the first time I had said this so I was unsure of the reaction and I braced myself for the imminent lecture. She promptly said ‘OK’ and wrote ‘religious grounds’ on the form and nothing more was said. Wow that was easy! I have used this since and think it is a great way of refusing any medical prcedures!
Now, I am a Health Minister of the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing (non-religious) and my family are members of the church, so we possess I.D. cards exempting us from routine, compulsory or any other medical procedures such as vaccines, screenings, etc that we may be subject to. This is more of a precautionary measure in case these procedures were to become compulsory. But it is free to join (you can join through me and I can give you a certificate). You need to go direct if you want a membership I.D. card – it costs $30 for the first year and $20 per year thereafter. Not much at all for piece of mind. More info here: Genesis II Church

Vaccine Safety Declaration
Here is another idea that will inform your Medical Professional of the potential dangers of vaccines (if they do not know already) and provide you with a viable reason not to go along with their sometimes forceful and persuasive recommendations to vaccinate yourself or your children.
If they are insistent why not say if they would like to sign this vaccine safety declaration to guarantee that you or your child will not have a reaction, and if they do they are accountable, then you will go ahead with their recommendations!

You and I know they won’t sign, but maybe, just maybe, it could make them think about what they are recommending.

Medical professional’s vaccine safety declaration


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