Some of our members attended Richard D Hall’s talk in Merthyr Tydfil Rugby Club on 13th April 2017.

The talk was entitled “Fake Reality” – here is the description from Richard’s website:

“I will be speaking at the following venues in 2017. Expanding on many of the issues already covered on Richplanet TV I will attempt to bring exposure to some of the devious practices of those who control the media. I will be launching a fourth Madeleine McCann film which assuming Madeleine McCann died, will examine how might she have died and why might this have been covered up by the British government. I will be launching another film on the tour which explores an issue I have been quietly investigating over the last few years. I want to keep my powder dry on this one so the subject will be announced nearer the time. As the name of the tour describes, more and more of what enters peoples minds these days, at least in the West is fake. People are walking around with heads full of beliefs that bear no relation to the real world. It’s not just fake news stories which are being used to manipulate peoples minds, the fakeness seems to know no bounds. Fake science, fake technology, fake heros, fake food, fake medicine, fake people, fake terror, fake researchers, fake whistleblowers, fake conferences, fake political parties, fake political leaders, fake political issues, fake weather, fake gender, and on and on. In the second part of the presentation I will be expanding on my 2014 film “UFOs and NATO”, a dark film which looked at NATO’s alleged involvement in firing weapons at and acquiring UFOs and also their involvement in tidying up after UFO related human mutilation cases. The talks start at 7:30pm on the dot so please get there in plenty of time. We take a 15 minute break at approximately 9:00pm followed by part two which should finish at around 10:15pm, then followed by questions. The proceeds from these talks is used to fund future projects and online TV shows. Projects which mainstream media should be funding but don’t. Independent investigations into many issues and cases are funded by these talks. Without people attending the talks, there would be no Richplanet TV. So by coming along to one, you are helping with the production costs of all the things that I investigate on Richplanet TV.”

A thoroughly informative evening, all the above was indeed covered and the hall was absolutely Jam-packed, so we recommend booking early for any of Richards future talks!

The Merthyr talk was recorded and Richard is releasing it as a DVD.

For more information, please visit