Here are some leaflets that are copyright-free and can be downloaded, printed and distributed.


If you would like to spread awareness of what is really happening in our world, please download the information sheet compiled by ‘Holistic Dani’ clicking on the image below. It is copyright free and can be distributed and copied as you see fit!


To alert people of the dangers of Aspartame and encourage them to read the labels of the foods and drinks they buy, please download and print this poster (can also be printed 2 per page for an A5 flyer) to hand out or display as required.

LINK: Sweeteners Poster


Here are some links to other websites with downloads of leaflets for spreading awareness.

Agenda 21:
– to warn people of the UN Agenda of control
LINK: Democrats against UN Agenda 21
(Flyer pdf – Why is everyone talking about a UN Agenda 21?)

Smart meters – To inform people of the angers and implications of Smart leaflets click the link for leaflets and posters:
LINK: Stop Smart Meters leaflet

Nudge Unit Mindspace

Help free the Earth actions
LINK: Help Free the Earth

Commercial free childhood – Sexualising childhood, marketing to children, babies and toddlers, advertising in schools, screen time, commercialising toys, food marketing, childhood obesity, eating disorders, media violence, materialistic values and family stress.
LINK: Commercial Free Childhood

Age of Transitions – Revolve (Chapter one) and the Age of Transitions survival guide (trifold leaflet)
LINK: The Age of Transitions

    Some books and ebooks:

A Guide to Common Purpose & Infiltration in schools and communities (*UPDATED FEB 2016 & edited by Andrew Johnson*):
LINK: Fragile Minds, Are Our Children Under Attack? by Olwyn Rhyddid

Rockerfeller Foundation future scenarios
DIRECT LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED – search for above using your favourite search engine instead

Freedom is more than a seven letter word


Wayki Wayki

Free book by Lawrence (Bopper) – “Food for Thought” – updated July 2018 (now 721 pages!!)



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  1. The Wayki Wayki free pdf download version of the Mark Knight’s book is massive but worth a read. I downloaded it four years ago. Sadly Mark Knight is an advocate of the flat earth movement now.

  2. Do not buy Nuun hydration tablets as they contain acesulfame-K even though they are sold through the Onya website. I’d rather Himalayan table salt to hydrate with now though I tried those awful packet hydration powders from the chemist for people who have had diarrhoea.

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