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The Irony of using an iPhone to Organise a Protest! — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks Dani for this article. I have been on a few protests this year myself and have noticed the wearing of Anonymous masks is constantly increasing and this brings negative energy to the protest and above all to the wearer of the mask. I have noticed whenever there is a protest against geo engineering the skies are clear of chem trails not just where the protest is taking place but further afield and this was a welcome sight as the April protest this year also clashed with another outdoor event I was attending and I saw blue skies for the first time that year. Though there were visible chem trails on the day of the last protest in London in November.

    The one successful protest I took part in was in August and it was a week long vigil outside the ATOS offices. Nobody wore a mask and everybody was polite and friendly. We worked well with the security officers and some of the senior staff working there were impressed with us and decided to show more sympathy towards claimants coming for medical exams.

    Boycotting supermarkets isn’t that easy when independent shops are closing down more and more but I do boycott the ones who use workfare participants and buy as much as I can from farmers markets, market stalls and independent shops.

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